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Do I Need to Chemical Wash the Condenser on My Air Conditioner?

New air conditioning unit

The answer to this question is it depends. For some air conditioners, our AccuAir Heating and Cooling professionals recommend it. For others, we might not. Take a minute to read a little more about the process and give one of our experienced team members a call here in Sunriver, OR, to discuss if this might be right for you and your home.

What Is a Chemical Wash?

A chemical wash, or chemical flush, is performed when the usual washing and cleaning of your air conditioner parts does not solve the problems you are facing with your unit. Some common reasons our trained technicians might recommend a chemical wash are:

•  Air slow to cool

•  Water leak in unit

•  Bad odor from unit

•  Older unit or not cleaned for some time

What Happens During a Chemical Wash?

During a chemical wash, your air conditioning unit is entirely disassembled. This is done so each part of the unit can be cleaned with the chemical agent. We take each part and immerse it in the chemical to dissolve everything that has accumulated over the years, such as airborne bacteria, dust, and dirt. Your pipes and drainage get a flush with our solution as well to be sure everything is clean.

For air conditioners that need it, we recommend a chemical flush once a year. If you schedule a chemical flush in the spring, we will also provide other routine maintenance to leave your air conditioner running like new. We typically check the controls and thermostat, check your refrigerant level and charge it if needed, and do an overall test of your equipment. It’s almost like killing two birds with one stone, or cooling two rooms with one air conditioner, which you can do if you service it at least once a year.

Its Benefits

When we give your air conditioner a chemical wash, you will definitely notice a difference afterward. Whatever initial issues you had will be resolved. You are left with a clean cooling system much more reminiscent of its early days.

Some of the amazing benefits you can experience from one of our chemical washes are:

•  All parts working correctly. If there are any parts not working well, since we disassemble the entire unit, we can spot if something needs attention. This helps prevent future issues as well.

•  Leaks in system repaired. When your entire air conditioner is flushed and cleaned, we can spot any leaks in the system and promptly repair them.

•  Indoor air quality improved. Chemical cleaning removes dust and dirt so less can clog your filter. A clean air filter results in cleaner air throughout your home. A dirty and blocked air filter circulates dirty air, creating poor indoor air quality and possible respiratory issues for you.

•  More efficient system resulting in lower costs. When your air conditioning system is clean, everything runs smoother and more efficiently. Running efficiently, as intended, prevents your system from expending more energy to keep up with your cooling demands. It can now afford you the same or more comfort in your home for less money.

Give Us a Call

At AccuAir Heating and Cooling, we recommend our chemical flush or wash on an annual basis. Only good things result from one. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 541-504-8400 to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members or to schedule your appointment today.

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